Bob Moses X Zhu - Desire

Role: 3d & 2d motion designer, compositor
Year: 2020

A darkly vibey homage to lust and love, an interactive visual journey with its video allowing viewers to choose their own adventure in amore by pushing "pleasure" and "pain" buttons.

Director Owen Brown (CTRL5) has reached out to
Airplan Studio with the creative core concept of creating a music video with multi-layered storytelling for Bob Moses & ZHU, using the red-blue-overlay effect in a sense that represents both pleasure and pain in a modern day relationship.

Watch the interactive music video

Production Company: Airplan Studio
Director: Owen Brown

Animation Director:Airplan
Creative Producer: Donat Aron Ertsey
Art direction & Illustration: Benjamin Kalaszi

2D animation
Gabor Filkor
Timea Horvath
David Dell’edera
Doma Harkai
Gergely Liktor
Benjamin Kalaszi
Balazs Simon
Anett Filkor

3D animation
Doma Harkai
David Dell’edera

3D artists
Juri Agostinelli
Bettina Szremko

Special thanks to
Oresztesz Nemes
Daniel Balint
Anna Hidvegi

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